Soul Sisters: Empowering People

A charity founded to empower people and their children who have been affected by domestic abuse to live independent lives, free from fear and abuse.

Share Your Survivor Story

We want to raise awareness by sharing survivor’s stories on our platforms anonymously.

We strongly believe that talking is the road to healing, and by speaking about your situation, you can start a dialogue of healing and hope.

By sharing our stories, we are able to see that we aren’t the only ones going through this and that there is a community out there of other survivors that can help each other.

If you would like to share your story with us (using your real name or anonymously), please email Asma at [email protected]

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You may be wondering if you are being abused, there are many different types of domestic abuse, they aren’t always physically violent.


Domestic abuse isn’t always from a partner, it can be from a mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, grandparent, co-worker etc.


There isn’t one set type of abuser and abuse, there’s a multitude and sometimes it’s hard to spot if you’re being abused till you do some research.


If you want to speak to other people in the same situation join our peer to peer support group Soul Sisters: Empowering People.

Financial or Economic Abuse

This includes a perpetrator using or mistreating money which restricts and controls their partner’s freedom and future actions.

Harassment and Stalking

Stalking is a pattern of constant unwanted attention that makes you feel scared, harassed and anxious. It’s important to understand that stalking is a criminal offence, if you believe you are being stalked you can go to the police and they will take this seriously.

Psychological and/ or Emotional Abuse

Emotional and psychological abuse is often part of other kinds of abuse, so this can be hard to notice or tell the difference, although it can also occur on its own.

Coercive Control

Coercive control is controlling behaviours designed to make a person dependent on the perpetrator by isolating and exploiting the person and depriving them of their independence.


Meet Our Founder

Asma Begum

Asma Begum


Asma is a British Bangladeshi single mum living in north-west UK, and is a survivor of domestic abuse, having fled an abusive marriage into a women’s refuge with her young son.

Determined to turn life around for herself and others, she now lives independently, raising her son, being a positive role model, good citizen and volunteer, social justice activist and is embarking on the journey of female entrepreneurship to support women in need.

She has been a motivational speaker at events with Truth to Power cafe, produced by London Arts project and for Let’s Talk charity in Rochdale.

Over the last few years Asma joined groups supporting female survivors of domestic abuse, both online and in person.

Using her own experiences to inspire and motivate other women that are also wishing to turn their lives around from the negative impact on health, well-being and happiness to positively overcome traumas of domestic abuse, Asma is proud to have founded Soul Sisters: Empowering People, which became a registered charity in 2021.

Through creating and leading this compassionate, inspiring, supportive community of women to bring about empowerment and thriving in all aspects of life, Asma feels she is serving her own deeper purpose and is proud to be helping many others in their own healing journey.

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