Share Your Survivor Story

  • If you are in an emergency situation, please ring: 999
  • If you believe you are being abused, you can ring the Refuge’s 24-hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline: 0808 2000 247
  • If you want to speak to other people in the same situation join our peer to peer support group Soul Sisters: Empowering People.

We want to raise awareness by sharing survivor’s stories on our platforms anonymously.

We strongly believe that talking is the road to healing and by speaking about your situation, you can start a dialogue of healing and hope.

By sharing our stories, we are able to see that we aren’t the only ones going through this and that there is a community out there of other survivors that can help each other.

If you would like to share your story with us either with your name in or anonymously, with us please email Asma at [email protected]

Here is a collection of some strong survivor stories from women who that have been brave enough to share them with us:

(people’s stories)

Staying safe while looking for resources

Top tips for staying safe from your abuser if you live in close proximity with them while you’re looking for resources on domestic abuse.

1) Clear recent history after searching for help
2) Have a separate tab open that you can quickly jump on to if they come into the room, we recommend the google home page or an online newspaper
3) Search in a safe place

Deleting internet history:

If you are on this website on a device that your abuser may find and don’t want them to see that you are on the road to getting help you should delete your internet history.

You can do this by going to the history tab of your search engine, depending on the search engine the process can be different but if you click ‘show all history’ or ‘view history’, it will take you to a list of your browsing history. Once you are there click ‘clear browsing data’ or ‘clear browsing history’ depending on your search engine.

You could clear all data from the past hour rather than all data all together to make it look less suspicious.